Our registered Parent-Teacher Association was officially established in 2002. Different types of activities are held every year to bring parents and the school together. Parent members are given priority for joining different activities all year long, including after-school interest classes, parents’ birthday tea parties, parent-child activities  and parenting talks.


ChairmanMs. Gao GuanLi (Parent)
Vice-ChairmanMs.Pang Mei Ling
SecretaryMs. Chung Man Kwan
TreasurerMs. Lam Tsz Ching、Ms. Liu Qiu (Parent)
AcademicMs. Tse Pik Ki、Ms. Yim Ho Yan
Ms. Pan San Ying(Parent)、Ms. Wan Po Ying  Winky(Parent)


Ms. Chan Wai Yi、Ms. Tsang Sze Ching
Ms. Zhong Fei Rong(Parent)、Ms. Feng YuJian(Parent)
Parent Volunteer

Ms. Chung Suet Man
Ms. Xie Feng Zeng(Parent)